Camp fire Some of our favourite spots for camping,  fishing and  fossicking 

We have covered a fair bit of Australia in our travels (check out the map below) and do have a few favourite spots that we return to every now and again. We always bush camp and rarely visit caravan parks because we enjoy nothing better then sitting on the river bank or under a shady tree out in the scrub and taking in the country and the wildlife. We like to have a campfire because we do all our cooking on the open fire and BBQ plate and you can’t do that crammed up in a caravan park.
What do we look for in a camp site? That’s easy, we usually look for a spot with water, like a river or dam for fishing and not too many other campers and lots of room as we like our peace and quiet (eg. no generators). Some times places like this also offer a chance to do some gold panning or fossicking for gemstones.

Below are some of our favourite spots, just click on the links and have a look.

Tracks we have traveled on our adventures
Tracks we have traveled on our adventures
We can't forget Tassie
We can’t forget Tassie



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