Fishin’ in VIC.

Fishin’ in Vichand linehand line



The Murray river at Robinvale in Victoria.

Murray River at Robinvale Vic.
Murray River (Happy Vally Robinvale Vic.)

A great way to spend the afternoon after a hard days work.

8lb Murray Cod
8lb Murray Cod (Murray River, Weman)

Murray Cod, a really good eating fish but they can be a bit hard to find sometimes.

23lb Murray Cod
23lb Murray Cod

This 23lb cod was caught on a single shrimp  on a hand line while we were fishing for yellowbelly, the largest we have ever caught. It was cleaned and shared among the workers back at camp. A top bait for cod is Bardie Grub. Catch these blokes yourself under the river gums along the banks of the river.

Murray Crays are getting a bit hard to find so these days        due to a lot of over fishing I suspect, but we did get a couple for a taste test.

Murray Cray
Murray Cray

The Murray has plenty of Yellowbelly  (the locals call them Perch) and we recon they are the best tasting Yellowbelly in Australia,

An afternoons fishing at Robinvale Vic.
An afternoons fishing at Robinvale Vic.

probably because they live in clearer running water then fish caught in muddy rivers or dams. The best bait for these guys are fresh shrimp, easily caught in a shrimp trap.  We picked grapes  in and around Robinvale and camped on farms not far from the river, so after work it was straight to the river for a feed of Yellowbelly.

Good size Yellowbelly (Murray River)






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