Fishin’ in NSW.

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New South Wales  and trout go together for us, as there are no trout in our home state of Queensland we never let a chance to chase a trout or two go by when ever we cross the border. One of our favorite spots is Porters Retreat which is one of the fossicking areas we visit. We have a ball at Porters Retreat where we fossick for Sapphire, Zircon, Gold and fish for Trout.

Porters Retreat trout

There is a small stream which is only about 5 or 6 foot wide in most places that flows through the fossicking area where we hook into the trout and salmon.

Trout ready for the pan

When fishing here I use the smallest hook in my tackle box and a  6lb line unweighted, baited with earth worm, works a treat on these smaller trout.

Another spot we like is Sofala on the Turon River where there are several camp spots right on the river. I tend to use spinners here rather then worm as the river has some big water holes and the trout are larger. When the trout are not bitting you can have fun with the carp as there of them there.

Sofala Salmon







Another great spot is Chaffey Dam near Nundle. As well as a good camp spot on the dam it has Yellowbelly, Silver Perch and if you are lucky the odd Murray Cod and of course plenty of bloody carp. We use both worm baits and lures here and usually get a feed.  A short drive up from Nundle to Hanging Rock is the Sheba Dams, another great camp spot with trout in the dams.

Chaffey Dam Yellowbelly

New South Wales has many rivers and dams for fisherman not to mention the coast for the saltwater fisher. I suppose we will have to give the coast a go one day.

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