Johnny Cakes

 Vonnie’s Johnny Cakes

Johnny cakes are easy to make and are a lot like damper only flat, this makes them ideal for bush pizza bases (pizza is easily made in a camp oven) or roll up’s or just cover them with butter, jam or syrup and enjoy. Mix the ingredients to make a dough then knead it and make small balls about the size of a tennis ball, flatten out each ball of dough and roll it flat with a beer or wine bottle (we usually have a good supply of either). Have a good fire going and burn it to coals, level out the coals and place a grill of some sort about an inch or two above the coals. You can use almost anything for a grill such as an old rack out of a fridge or some chicken wire, sit it on some rocks around the fire and there is your rack. Toss the flattened Johnny cake on the rack, cook one side and then turn it over. Cooking time depends on the heat in the coals but it won’t take long.

Ingredients:                                                                                                                                Self raising flour, water and a pinch of salt.                                                                Mix into a firm dough by adding just a little water at a time.

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