Cooking Redclaw

Preparing and cooking redclaw

We are often asked how to cook redclaw, well we cook them in many ways the same as you would cook prawns, crumbed and deep fried, curried with rice, a favourite is to get a jar of honey and mustard from the shop and mix up a dish of that or just boil them and enjoy.   Before we cook our redclaw we first clean them, to do this we remove the head then grab the centre part right at the end of the tail and give it a twist and turn then pull it away from the rest of the tail, with a bit of luck the poo vein will come out when you pull and leave you with a clean tail.

A feed of cleaned redclaw tails ready for cooking

To boil the redclaw we use 1 cup of course butchers salt mixed with four litres of water, bring this to the boil before putting in the redclaw, when the water is boiling add the redclaw and bring the water back to the boil. When the water is back on the boil we only let them boil for one to one and a half minutes, then quickly remove them from the boiling water and put them in a bucket of ice water with another cup of salt in it. Let them cool for a little while then enjoy.


Big German Ck. redclaw

If you want to cook with them green (raw) with out boiling them first they can be hard to peel, the secret here is to put them in the freezer and freeze them. When they are thawed the meat will come away from the shell without tearing. This works for prawns and lobbies as well.

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