Convert your camp oven into a smoker

 Convert your camp oven 

Like a feed of smoked fish or chicken?  We do to, but when you are on the road you can’t carry everything, so we use our camp oven as a smoker.

This is how we do it, cut down a piece of mesh to fit in your oven and there you have a smoker, it’s that simple. If you can’t find a piece of mesh you can simply cut a few green twigs to fit inside your oven and make a crude mesh and that will work for one cook up, we have done this a few times but are much better equipped nowadays.   Cover the bottom of the oven with foil, this will stop the juices and sawdust from sticking to the bottom and makes the oven a lot easier to clean. Get yourself some sawdust, we get our sawdust when we cut our firewood with the chainsaw, but if you are fussy you can buy sawdust in packets from most camping stores. Our favourite sawdust is wattle or pine but we are not fussy, anything we cut for firewood does the job, but nothing too sappy. Now sprinkle the sawdust on the foil, not too much just a thin layer, then the put in the mesh rack and there you have it, a camp oven smoker. You need a very hot fire with lots of flame for a good smoking, not coals like you would normally use under a camp oven, the sawdust needs to almost catch fire to produce the smoke. It usually takes about 20 minutes to cook, but the time varies depending on what you are smoking and the temperature of your fire. You are not limited to fish and chicken, you can smoke almost anything from sausages, chops, and pork spare ribs are great.

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