Handy bait for the line or traps

 Handy bait for the line or traps 

When you are travelling it’s not always easy to find some bait for your shrimp, yabby or crab pots or when you want to throw in a line.

We have the solution, when we travel we carry a few cans of cat food for the traps  Go to any  grocery shop and buy a half a dozen small cans of cat food, any flavour works and you can pick up the no name brands very cheap. This is a convenient way to carry bait and there is no mess and no refrigeration required. When you are ready to bait up just pull a screwdriver out of your tool box and punch a few holes in the can, instant bait. This will help you out until you can catch a fish or two and use the frames for bait.

Another bait we always have on hand because we always travel with our Kelpie dog “Becky”, is dog biscuits, they are good in the opera house pots for Redclaw  and Shrimp. just pop a few in a plastic water bottle, or any old container will do, maybe not the tupperware, put the lid on and punch a few holes in it and away you go.

Everyone carries potatoes when they travel and these are good bait for redclaw, yabbies and shrimp. Par cook them first in some boiling water first for best results.

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